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Random Friday stuff

It took me a whole Strokes album to get to work this morning. Which is actually not a long time, but still. (“Strokes album” is a unit of time in the hipsterverse equal to about 37 of our minutes.)

Currently wondering whether it was a bad idea for me, as a man, to take a One-A-Day Women’s Formula multivitamin pill earlier this week. I don’t feel any different so far, but I’ll keep you posted.

When discussing the planning of the September 11th attacks over the phone, the terrorists used the code phrase “Porsche 911”. via Greg.

More multivitamin worries: I can’t remember if I took my vitamin pill already this morning. I feel like I didn’t, but if I did and I take another one, will the extra pill kill me? I am concerned about what 600% of my Daily Value of riboflavin will do to me.