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Great Hurricane Isabel photos from the International Space Station

Great Hurricane Isabel photos from the International Space Station.

Reader comments

RichardSep 22, 2003 at 9:56PM

Not a hoax. If you click on the images themselves, they are labeled as Hurricane Isabel photos. Also, the URL would legitimize the labels as such.

At the very least, you succeeded in trolling, which would mean I'm simply pointing out the obvious.

dowingbaSep 23, 2003 at 12:04AM

I'm pretty sure Dan was joking...

Maciej CeglowskiSep 23, 2003 at 2:58PM

Now that's $100 billion well spent!

joeyjoejoeSep 23, 2003 at 3:09PM

looks like these photos should be at

Søren DalsgaardSep 30, 2003 at 10:09AM

Glad to see that Jason K. found the link that I sent him useful... :-)

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