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And now we go to the man on the street

In reviewing S.W.A.T., Yahoo! member rufffryder22 blasts the movie critics who’ve given the film some not-so-good marks:

Let me start by criticizing the critics! They are an assorted bunch of failed writers or something who probably said the original Terminator sucked because it was too shallow and gave you only bang for your bucks….and look how popular Terminator is today! Dont believe these guys because these are the sort who would probably give a completely USELESS sleeper of a movie like Titanic(which had nothing to do with the REAL titanic sotry by the way)an A rating and yet find it hard to do so for an entertaining, action packed yarn.

I for one dont want REALITY per-se in my movies…I can get that outside in the real world. I have always gone to the movies to be entertained, to forget the world outside and hopefully always have the good guys win…THATS entertainment for me and if others have different opinions, fine.

Clint eastwood’s spaghetti western’s , bruce lee’s first movies all had this same kind of crap written about them, which leads me to believe that its always been only probably boring old or middle aged white guys (who couldnt enjoy a movie unless it had sean connery and classical music in it or something) write these *****ty reviews.

With all the spelling mistakes, sketchy grammar and poor argument, it’s easy to make fun of rufffryder22’s review and side with the critics in saying Hollywood is producing a lot of crap these days. But the truth is Hollywood knows their audience very well (a cynic might say, “they should know their audience well, they created it,” and that’s probably true) and rufffryder22 represents a significant chunk of it. He’s unknowingly quoting from slide #1 of the Hollywood Movie Producer’s Powerpoint presentation:

Attributes of a Successful Blockbuster Movie
1. Entertaining
2. Make people forget the outside world
3. Always have the good guys win

When your audience is parroting your prime directive back at you without any prompting, you know you’re doing something right.