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Amelie Poulainization of Montmartre in Paris

Amelie Poulainization of Montmartre in Paris.

Reader comments

pattyAug 11, 2003 at 7:08PM

i've heard about this in the Amelie DVD.
The director said that right before they start filming the owner of the Cafe had plans of selling the store but obviously changed his mind after the movie. Also that glass Amelie was writing on backwards was created only for the movie. I think the owner should recreate it just for the hell of it. That's one of my favorite scene of the movie.

MAug 12, 2003 at 2:21AM

They should make it a theme park right now and get it over with. Ship out all former residents that actually made it a place to live - so we can all go there and pay money to see the "real" version of how people actually live. In a controlled, sanitized, tens-a-barrier, souvenir purchasing kind of way.
Amelie make Montmartre flee!
Amelie shame on thee!
Amelie commercialize me!
Oh forget it.

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