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The Tour moves on

Thanks to Mary for stopping by yesterday on her Virtual Book Tour for Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. The Tour moves on to today; Josh is running an interview with Mary:

I have a very utilitarian bent. I think the things that people have ended up doing after death, however grisly, are great. It’s good to be helpful to others. So there is that message, that you can be useful after death. I’ve gotten letters from people who’ve said, “Now I’m going to donate my body to science.”

Particularly in the beating-heart cadaver chapter, I really came down strong on the side of being in favor of donating organs. It would be such a waste for someone in that situation not to donate with 18,000 people waiting for organs. But for the most part, it’s meant just as a fun and informative read.

(And I apologize to all the cycling fans who thought this post was about the Tour de France. Visit the Tour de France blog, the 2003 Tour de France page @ Wikipedia, or follow the action live at VeloNews if you’re into that.)