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Pop!Tech 2003

The highly regarded Pop!Tech conference is coming up in a few months, October 16-19 to be exact. I’ve never been, but from hearing about from various sources (a list below), it sounds like an ambitious conference that tries to identify and discuss broad trends across politics, technology, culture, science, and economics…and largely succeeds in doing so. This year’s roster of speakers includes Golan Levin, Tom DeMarco, James Howard Kunstler, the L Train, Bob Metcalfe, and Kevin Sites.

The organizers of Pop!Tech have been nice enough to extend a special offer to readers. Register for Pop!Tech 2003 using this link and you’ll save $200 off the early bird rate and $500 off the regular price. Who says never saved anyone any money?

Oh and here’s the promised links to coverage of past Pop!Tech conferences:

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