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God adds another Buddy to His list

God adds another Buddy to His list. Are there any famous Buddys left?

Reader comments

KristianJul 07, 2003 at 9:47AM

There's always Willie Ames who played Buddy Lembeck on Charles in Charge. You'd figure God would be more than happy to 'call him home' considering some recent endeavors.

Chris ThompsonJul 07, 2003 at 10:10AM

Hmm, There's Lee Dungarees spokesdoll Buddy Lee. Blues Guitar Legend Buddy Guy, and former baseball player Buddy Bell.

Here in Cincinnati the Pizza business is dominated by a chain of horrid pizza restaurants called "LaRosas", run by Buddy LaRosa. When he dies, however, I can't imagine that he'll be chatting with god. He's going some place else for his crimes against pizza.

BenJul 07, 2003 at 10:50AM

One of the greatest drummers of all time: Buddy Rich... Buddy Jewell was the winner of "Nashville Star", although that's pushing the term "famous".

greg.orgJul 07, 2003 at 3:09PM

There's Air Bud, the basketball-playing dog, who's like 84 dog-years old now...

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