Photographie de Paris

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 30, 2003

I took a lot less photos in Paris than last time I was there (photos!), but I still got some good ones this time around (well, "good" by my standards anyway).

Jason Kottke's photos of Paris 2003

What you don't see in these photos is the series of miracles that occurred during our visit to Paris. There was uber-chef Pierre Gagnaire getting me to eat (quite happily for the most part) 4 or 5 different sorts of fish & seafood, the nearly-perfect weather in Paris during our stay, and, most miraculous of all, we avoided eating in any of the excellent restaurants we ate at during our last trip (save for a bad pain au chocolat habit I've developed in frequenting the Boulangerie Malineau), opting instead for a bunch of new excellent restaurants.