Some movies, TiVo's descriptions of them, and some lame commentary from me in italics

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 11, 2003

Hellraiser: Bloodline
Man in space battles Pinhead, as did ancestors. (Ancestors don't do anything in space.)

Cyborg Cop
Drug agent's brother could be a cyborg. (Wasn't that an episode of Leave It To Beaver?)

Sense and Sensibility
Men romance and abandon sisters in 1900 England. ("Romance and Abandon" was Austen's first title)

The Gunfighter
Upstarts dare the fastest gun in the West. (And then what?!)

Dancer stoops low to rise in Las Vegas. (Hey, that's kinda clever.)

Saturday Night Fever
Brooklyn nobody becomes disco king to Bee Gees music. (Shoulda stuck with this same plot for Battlefield Earth.)

The Usual Suspects
A detective questions a con man about associates. (Wake me up when that one's over.)

Wonder Boys
A writer and his student collide with life. (What does that mean, collide with life?)