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Entire text of “The Best of Creative Computing Vol. 2”

Entire text of “The Best of Creative Computing Vol. 2”. 300+ pages of computer articles and programs from 1976

Reader comments

J.D.Jun 11, 2003 at 12:55AM

Wow. Outstanding.

When I was cutting my teeth on computers as a grade-schooler, Creative Computing was one of my favorite mags (along with Byte and ???). I loved to type in the (often buggy) programs, to play the exciting games.

The best birthday present I ever received was a Creative Computing games book. I spent one Saturday copying golf, hunt-and-peck style, onto my Dad's Apple II (not IIc or IIe: II). It was great!

Well, it was great at the time.

I have one of the Creative Computing compilations in storage. Now I want to dig it out.

Awesome link.

Stefan JonesJun 11, 2003 at 12:08PM

I sent off my CC collection to a computer museum in Germany. I maybe have one or two issues left; early, mega-funky ones printed on newsprint with lots of clipart.

Kind of odd to see what David Ahl is up to these days. (See link at bottom.) I got the impression, in the CC days, that he was, well, not counter-cultural, but kind of a funky guy. Seeing the pic an older tubby version of him in fatigues . . . huh.

Of course, it's been nearly 20 years, and folks change.

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