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Build Your Own (Messenger or Laptop) Bag.

Build Your Own (Messenger or Laptop) Bag..

Reader comments

margaretJun 04, 2003 at 8:49PM

very cool, but $70+ for a bag? no thanks.

boogahJun 04, 2003 at 8:57PM

i've had a timbuk2 [xl, the bolo if i remeber correctly] for around a year now and it feels like i haven't even broken it in yet. they build their bags so they'll handle quite a bit of wear and tear and while i'm not a bike courier [hell, i'm not even a warez courier] i've given my bag it's fair share of abuse. at this point i'm looking into getting their backpack [the detour] because i crave something not as unweildy as the bolo can be while empty [or full for that matter] should've gotten the compression straps added to the bag.

but yeah, great bags and considering i got mine mere days after ordering it their whole buying expirence was sweet.

some kidJun 04, 2003 at 10:06PM

i've been rocking one of their L courier bags for 3 years now and i'm just about through with it. i ride my bike constantly for commuting and fun, the bag carries a heavy load but doesn't impress. perhaps the main fault is that their bags do a fine job, like a B-average student, but it could be much better. i was going to godzilla the bag with a seatbelt buckle i lifted off an airplane but i think i'm going to look into a chrome bag instead,

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