Bezos and Jobs Meet the Segway

posted by Andy Baio   Jun 16, 2003

Bezos and Jobs Meet the Segway.

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Russ HarlanJun 16, 2003 at 5:17PM

Fun story. I hope that it is accurate, just because it extends the Jobs legend. (In my view it helps that his points had a lot merit.)

Many people will undoubtedly read it and say "What a jerk!" Uh.. yeah.. and?

I think Jobs isn't wired for "nice." He's about straight talk and he's still passionate (25 years into the biz) about his views. Don't invite him to your feedback session if you don't want to hear what he thinks.

The tone of the article and the sheepish response of some of the Segway folks reminds me how much I hate it when somebody pleads for my "honest opinion" and then aren't happy when they get it. (Although I'm a lot more diplomatic than Jobs.)

TriumphJun 16, 2003 at 5:59PM

De Segway is better than walking. If you walk, you might step in poop.

typo? TYPO!Jun 16, 2003 at 9:30PM

Wow. Steve Jobs sounds like a generally unpleasant person.

...whenever I happen on one of those segways around town they are quite the spectacle (even more so than those road-cyclists in their superhero outfits). Can't say I'd feel comfortable riding one as exposed as you are, yielding to all the pedestrians or else fighting traffic, weather, whatever.

zip code mapsOct 12, 2003 at 8:05AM

I'm not sure to what extent this statement is true.

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