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Using the touch wheel like a combination

Using the touch wheel like a combination lock could provide a simple security mechanism for the iPod.

Reader comments

MarshallMay 12, 2003 at 10:53AM

I've made this request of Apple several times, by phone and email... hopefully, they get the message!

Introducing such a feature, of course, raises several usability/interface concerns, chief among them how to reauthenticate to the iPod in the event of a forgotten code (reconnection to the home PC seems simple enough), but they're smart people; they should be able to work them out.

I suspect this has already come up in their internal discussions, and my best guess is that the strongest objections must come from the "music player first, other features are just gravy" camp. To that, of course, we argue that adding such a feature does not deter from the device's primary purpose, and that having the organizer features on there introduces the need for at least basic security.

Glad someone else sees the combination lock as a natural model. If not the left/right/left variety, even a simple 3-digit code.

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