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The Incredibles by Brad Bird

Finding Nemo** opens today (and it’s getting great reviews) but I’m already looking forward to Pixar’s next movie, The Incredibles. The man in charge of the film is Brad Bird, Simpsons alum and director/writer of The Iron Giant, one of my favorite movies of the past few years and probably the most underrated children’s film ever. More on The Incredibles:

This is the sixth film from Steve Job’s production company Pixar, which has also produced Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, and Monsters, Inc. The film, which is about a family of superheroes, is completely CGI and the distributor is Pixar’s partner Walt Disney Pictures. Like the Fantastic Four, the film explores the dysfunctional family situations that can result from constantly having to save the world. During the concept stage, the title for this film started out as The Incredibles, then changed to The Invincibles, before finally changing back to The Incredibles. The picture is the brainchild of masterful storyteller Brad Bird, the director of the critically acclaimed animated film Iron Giant, which had mixed results at the box office. Many blamed the distributor of that film, Warner Bros., for poor marketing, and soon after in early 2000 Bird moved on to Pixar.

** We got a new server today at work and the guy setting it up named it “Nemo”. When he was testing it over the network later in the day, he got an error message that said, “Cannot find Nemo”.