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The Gospel According to Neo, the Matrix and religion

The Gospel According to Neo, the Matrix and religion.

Reader comments

coldwarvetMay 17, 2003 at 9:26AM

In Matrix Re-Loaded Neo is told he is the 6'th version of the anomaly. Of course his 101 apartment number in The Matrix is binary for 5. As he's living in this apartment before his re-birth into the 'real' world I'm certain this sequence of labels is significant. My speculation at the moment is that the WBrothers are endulging their interests in higher order math. In math a matrix has a transformational purpose, taking a vector, for example, from one coordinate frame or, stretching it, reality to the next. I'm going back to see if there are 7'th references after Neo makes yet another 'choice' with the Architect. Don't forget math was very important to some very famous Christians & Jews, Newton and Einstein for two.

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