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Screenshots of new version of AOL

Screenshots of new version of AOL. doesn’t say whether or not it comes with 3-D glasses

Reader comments

Lester NelsonMay 21, 2003 at 6:11PM

That is so incredibly hideous and tacky! I can't believe that a company would still think the whole NKOTB-era style is cool!

JustinMay 21, 2003 at 6:49PM

Dear lord....May God had mercy on their souls.

10 monkeys designing on one iMac for a period of 2 hours?

BrianMay 21, 2003 at 7:11PM

I've seen poops more well-designed than that. What a mess.
AOL's target audience is now four-year-olds?

Typo!May 21, 2003 at 8:39PM

reminds me of those aero trains

while aol churns out pretty disgusting work. altho it's worth pointing out the other browsers are much better....they all (moz/nn/ie/opera) seem to have that vernacular in-your-face look. Safari seems like it's taking things in a better direction (hope we see more movement thataway!).

GregMay 21, 2003 at 9:08PM

I can only imagine:

Person A: We've had the same interface for several years now. I think we need a change.
Person B: Any suggestions?
Person A: All I can think of is this bucket filled with vomit and cotton candy. Oh, and lots and lots of shading.
Person B: You're the boss!

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