Are you seeking the Skinmaker?

posted by Jason Kottke   May 15, 2003

I completely forgot about this until the other day, but I have a bit of a link to the Matrix Reloaded. Rob Dougan has two songs on the soundtrack for the film (one of which you can hear during Neo's fight with Merovingian's henchmen) and the creative agency for his record company commissioned me to do a Quicktime skin to promote Rob's music. Here's the skin (download and open directly with QuickTime to get the full effect...you don't get all the nice transparency in the browser). It was a fun little project to do; I enjoyed designing something other than a web site for a change. (Oh, and ignore the scrolling text at the beginning...that was an unfortunate last minute addition by the client after the budget was gone and sorta bodges up the whole thing.)