Apple cripples iTunes' music sharing capability and

posted by Jason Kottke   May 27, 2003

Apple cripples iTunes' music sharing capability and Cory is rightly irritated.

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RachelMay 28, 2003 at 8:54AM

While I agree that this so-called "update" sucks, it's really impossible for the public to know what happened behind-the-scenes to cause Apple to make this choice. Perhaps some of the major labels were threatening not to renew contracts if this feature was left in place. I would imagine that the long-term viability of the music store is Apple's #1 goal with iTunes right now, and, sadly, the only way to keep it lucrative is to keep the major labels happy.

Of course, I really have no idea why Apple decided to remove non-local internet streaming from iTunes. I just hope that their reasoning was sound, whatever it might have been.

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