Betting on the wrong horse

posted by Jason Kottke   Apr 07, 2003

"Blogshares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs." The idea is that people can buy stock in different weblogs which are valued by inbound links. It seems that a few folks have put some of their hard-earned fake money down on this old grey bright yellow-green mare and are taking a beating:

Oh and I got burned on kottke.org. I bought 5 shares of it for like $14.50, it shot up to almost $15, and now it's down to like $2.10. What's up with that Jason??


I lost seventy-five, eighty bucks on Kottke sometime today; I knew the P/E was too high! I knew I shoulda sold! So I did what any good, self-deprecating investor would do; I bought a few more shares.

Come on guys, do some research! I'm a horrible buy right now. Quote from last Monday's post about my new job: "Postings may be light (and email replies will be really light) as I get adjusted to the new routine." No postings = fewer inbound links. Plus, there's a war on and I don't talk much about the war. No war = fewer inbound links. Result: my own mini .com bust.