Where's David's doodle?

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 06, 2003

In celebration of Michelangelo's birthday, Google has changed their logo to a bit of stone depicting the sculptor's best known work, David. In the tradition of covering the bare breast of a female statue in the Great Hall of the Justice Department and hiding Picasso's Guernica during Colin Powell's UN presentation in February, Google's resident logo sculptor appears to have chisled David's schlong clean off, leaving only a dark, fuzzy area.

What did Michelangelo do to deserve such shoddy treatment on his birthday? Surely a small, pixelated phallus isn't going to offend anyone or corrupt the young. Five minutes in Photoshop and David's dong is back in its rightful place:

David's doodle, back in action

The change is small (sorry Mrs. David), but the man's wang deserves to be shown in all its glory.

(Oh, and I derive much satisfaction in applying my years of graphic design experience to the task of cutting wee private parts from one tiny statue and pasting them on another tiny statue, thank you very much for asking.)