Thoughts from my first day of work

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 31, 2003

1. I miss my iBook.

2. But I also missed Homesite. For my purposes, BBEdit is usable, but HomeSite kicks its ass all over the place.

3. Where to start with Outlook. I got so used to the many fantastic features of Entourage that Outlook (at least the version I'm using here) is almost unusable.

4. Why is the CTRL key all the way over there?

5. But damn, this Pentium 4 is fast. The iBook is downright pokey in comparison. Apple, your low-end notebooks should be 1GHz+...what's the hold-up?

5a. Ok, enough about the computer stuff.

5. My daily commute goes through Grand Central Station. I love Grand Central. Expect pictures at some point.

6. I am bad with names. I've forgotten all but three of the names of my new co-workers...I have only so many slots in my short term memory. Many weeks of "hey...you there..." to follow.

7. First day excitement and nervous energy dissipates by the afternoon, resulting in an afternoon crash into near-sleep. (Hearty lunch of soup may also have contributed to this.)

So, yeah, I got a new job. And this is probably the last you'll hear of it because work is one of the few things I don't talk about here. Postings may be light (and email replies will be really light) as I get adjusted to the new routine.