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Let’s vote on it

(Ok, this wasn’t working earlier, but it’s fixed now. Get to it!)

Reversible is a site that collects referers and trackbacks from pages that point to or ping it. For example, if I link to and then click through to, that page will link back to me. And creating pages on Reversible is easy…just type in anything after the domain name: e.g.

One way to think about inbound links to Reversible is as votes. A link to a page from your site is a vote…one site, one vote. I’m going to vote on some stuff, just for fun:

I like Paris in the fall
I like Dr. Strangelove
I like pancakes on bunnies
I like taking photos with my digital camera
I like Infinite Jest
I like Meg
I drink Pepsi
I like Radiohead
I don’t think the US should go to war with Iraq right now
I like scented candles
I like my TiVo
I like typography
I like weblogs
I like BoingBoing

Join in if you’d like by adding these or other links to your site.