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Wanted: temporary Manhattan office space

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 03, 2002

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with offers of help. I’m currently occupying a lovely bit of desk courtesy of Princeton Architectural Press. Thanks Kevin. :)

As of this writing, due to a bit of bad timing on the part of our moving company and bad luck on our part, everything we own (hereafter referred to as “our stuff”) is still in San Francisco. As such, for the next two weeks I’m left with work to do and no desk on which to do it. What I’m looking for is some generous soul who works somewhere in Mahattan (the closer to the West Village the better) with a bit of desk space, a chair, a power outlet, and Internet access (either wireless or an Ethernet jack) for the next two weeks. You won’t even know I’m there…unless you need some witty banter at the lunchtable, in which case I will try to oblige. Email me at jason@kottke.org if you can help.

ps. If this office comes with a job doing Web development, even better. I’d point you to my portfolio but, as bad luck would have it, the files I need to complete it are still in SF. Blech.