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Concerning Hobbits

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 18, 2002

We** recently watched the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring, all 208 minutes of it. The 30 minutes of additional footage was not wasted; it fleshed out several aspects of the story that the shorter version didn’t have time for, such as Boromir’s story, the relationship between Arwen and Aragorn, and more about the Hobbits, all things that will be important in the next two installments. The more I watch this movie, the more I’m impressed with what Peter Jackson has accomplished; he’s done a magnificent job. Tolkien would be quite pleased, I think.

Meanwhile, I’m almost irrationally excited to see The Two Towers tonight. The show isn’t until 10:30pm, but I feel like getting in line right now, just to be closer to the event. Man, I’m excited.

** I realize I use the word “we” a lot on this site. I’m not using it in the royal sense to refer to myself (that would be annoying). “We” usually means “Meg and I”. So there.