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The kids today with their slang

As expected, the south of France is lovely, especially that bit of it inhabited by Dean, Gail, and that dog from the Internet. In addition to much fine food and scenery, Dean filled us in on some French slang.

We’ve been seeing these signs all over the place for “K7 DVD”. We figured they were DVD vending machines (which they are, and the idea of which is pretty cool), but didn’t quite know what the K7 bit was. Turns out, K7 = K sept = cassette (in the manner of 4 sale = four sale = for sale).

But my favorite bit of slang are the prefixes of “super” and “giga” stuck onto words like “bon” or “cool”. “Super bon” and “giga cool”, appropriatedly pronounced with a French accent (roughly sue-pair-bone and she-gah-coo-ell), are way fun to say.