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So good it’ll make you wanna croque

A croque monsieur is a sandwich consisting of two slices of white bread, ham, cheese, a bit of cream (or cheese) sauce, and yet more cheese melted over the top of it after the whole thing has been grilled. I somehow missed this miracle of French cuisine the last time around, but am taking full advantage of it now. I’ve even written a little song about it, quite unintentionally. It just popped into my head and every time I see le croque monsieur on the menu, I can’t help singing it:

Croque Monsieur, Croque Monsieur
uh huh huh**, Croque Monsieur

A chart topper for sure.

** The “uh huh huh” here is what I think of as typical French grunting (gathered mostly from misrepresentions of snooty French characters in movies and cartoons), a sound that when followed by a “monsieur” could be thought of as playfully condescending in tone.