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Sedaris Eggers Smackdown

It seems that David Sedaris really isn’t a big fan of Dave Eggers:

“In conversation, Sedaris is rather like his writing: funny, sharp-witted, but seldom really mean. Except when the subject moves to a certain young writer whose first book’s back cover featured an admiring blurb from Sedaris himself. An act for which he received little thanks. ‘Dave Eggers is a huge pain in the ass. A huge pain in the ass,’ says Sedaris. ‘I went on a tour last year and he had just been on one before me, so I was visiting a lot of the same bookstores he’d been to. And I would go to stores that were actively unselling his book. Like, someone would go to the counter with the book [A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius] and the staff would say, “Actually, that book’s not very good. No one likes that book. You should read this instead.” Because Dave Eggers would have been in that book store the week before and yelled at the people who worked there and treated them horribly. He’s a horrible person…but he’s a really good writer.’”

(Thx Nichol.)