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World Series fever grips San Francisco

posted by Jason Kottke   Oct 19, 2002

People are offering all sorts of things on craigslist for tickets to the Giants’ World Series games at Pac Bell Park:

- “Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll-What’s a Girl Gotta Do to Get 2 WS Tickets? You know what I want. Please tell me what you’d like.”

- “I have a ton of Cisco equipment and would trade equipment for tickets”

- “Will trade rounds of golf at private country club”

- “willing to pay face value” [Wow, face value!]

- “I will Photograph your wedding”

- “I have an original w.s. ticket from 1962 when the giants played the yankees I will trade this for a ticket to the 2002 w.s.”

- “Will trade my iMac for your World Series Tix”

- “Giants WS tix for trip to Mexico”

- “4 WS tickets for 2 tickets to be a guest of maguel tehada to any game next year yes even the yankees you get on field pass to batting practice meet and get a baseball bat and his autograph be that close to all the players,then sit in his luxury suite to watch the game”

- “Delta Ticket Vouchers for 2 WS Tickets” (from the same sex-for-tickets woman above)

- “I also have golf clubs and nice clothes I’d be willing to trade”

- “I Want a Free World Series Ticket”

and the cream of the crop:

“I will trade fifteen minutes of my ass in exchange for two tickets to the World Series. For fifteen minutes, you may do whatever you wish to my ass—you may kick my ass, kiss my ass, beat my ass, or place my ass and some whoop in a can for subsequent opening. Perhaps you’d like to hear me talk out of my ass, or watch as I get up off my ass, blow it out my ass, get drunk off my ass, and then sit on my ass. You can fire my ass, dump my ass, or spank my ass ‘till it shines like the hood of a Volkswagen. For fifteen minutes, my ass is yours, grass or otherwise. No reasonable request will be refused.”