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regarding: Adaptation

posted by Jason Kottke   Oct 10, 2002

In the preview for Adaptation, Charlie Kaufman says, “I’ve written myself into my screenplay”. Which he did, both in real life and in the movie. With Susan’s permission, I’ve written myself into her Web site. I’m keeping an Adaptation weblog there. Movie news, little tidbits that Susan sends me, the goings-on of the actors, producers, directors, etc. It’s just getting going, so I have yet to find the right voice and such, but there should be some good information there as the premiere approaches.

Here’s part of a post from today about Susan at a pre-release screening:

“it was totally funny to meet ms. streep last night — she was lovely and funny and gave me a huge hug and was just…great. what i found so funny was how many actors at the screening last night were congratulating me (huh???) on the movie. ha! like i did anything! kevin kline grabbed me and said, ‘wow, i can’t imagine what this is like for you!’ how strange, coming from an actor.”