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kcoR deR! kcoR deR!

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 13, 2002

Last time I went to Las Vegas, I forgot my camera. Left it in my bag on the floor of the bedroom. I realized my mistake ten minutes after we’d left the apartment and about 2 seconds after we got on the Bay Bridge toward Oakland. Ten minutes? Surely you could have gone back to retrieve it. That’s what you’d say if you’ve never seen the traffic on the Bay Bridge at 7:30 am. Once you’re on that great river of suspended pavement, there’s no going back; when it spills you out into Oakland 4.5 miles later, it opens up into a vast delta of roadways that spirit you away, always away, from where you began.

This time around, I wasn’t going to forget it. Underpants, shoes, vital medicines, those I could do without. My camera was going. And it did.

viva las vegas

(Click pic for more…may take awhile for those of you on dialup.)