Getting the gist of life

posted by Jason Kottke Aug 28, 2002

Many 21 year-olds think they have the world all figured out, but few make the mistake of writing it all down for public consumption (or perhaps many do these days). Debra Pickett interviews first time author and The Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler about her book Wise Girl:

"Sigler just moved in with her boyfriend of one year, 31-year-old A.J. Discala. In addition to sharing her Trump Tower apartment, Discala is also Sigler's manager.

"'A manager controls so much of your life,' Sigler says, her brown eyes sparkling, 'that it's just wonderful to know the person has nothing but good intentions for you.'

"I ask if it makes her nervous, the old Hollywood stereotype of the manager dating the starlet and, well, you know, not exactly doing what's in her best interest.

"'Oh, no,' she says. 'We just look at it as a wonderful thing.'

"Besides, she says, they're not like other show business couples.

"An awkward pause descends on our table, hovering just over our half-eaten lunches. She is pitying my cynical singledom, and I am worrying about her future.

"Then I notice she's wearing really cute sandals, and we decide to talk about those instead."