You can’t get email from a turnip

posted by Jason Kottke   Jul 25, 2002

I owe all of you email. Yes, you. Judging by the size of my inbox and the percentage of unanswered email within, every single reader of kottke.org (ever!) has sent me a piece of email that I have not answered. I owe.

It’s not my fault this time, honest. All those other times, definitely my fault. But I’ve been doing work this week….you know, for money. As such, I feel a certain responsibility to do this work that I’m getting paid for rather than, say, correspond with you fine people. So there you have it.

(Oh, and thank you to the folks who took the time to write in about my spam overload yesterday. About 95% of my spam ends up in the Deleted Items folder, assassinated before it ever reaches my inbox. Love the SpamAssassin.)