Amongst the squares, ovals.

posted by Jason Kottke   Jul 12, 2002

Southeastern Ontario is littered with ovals. At least that’s how it appears from seat 14A at 35,000 feet. There are eight ovals currently in view outside my window, double or triple that if I squeeze my face right up next to the glass. At this altitude, I can’t tell what all those ovals are for. I immediately thought of car racing. Meg thinks they’re for horses. Are Canadians more likely to race horses or cars?

One of the ovals is quite large and is really more of a circle. The size and shape remind me of the cyclotron at Fermilab. Another large oval is part of a sizable complex comprised of several ovals and some non-oval circuits with hairpin turns, s-curves, and junctions. Go-karts? Moto-cross? Small cars on the small tracks, mid-sized cars on the mid-sized tracks, and big cars on the big tracks? From high in the sky, I can see traces left by ants, but not the ants themselves.