Don’t Mention It

posted by Jason Kottke   May 04, 2002

Don’t Mention It: The hidden life and times of a Greenwich Village restaurant (via glfstrm):

“One evening, when the place was nearly full, I saw a party of four come in the door; a couple of them may have been wearing neckties, which wouldn’t have been a plus in a restaurant whose waitress used to wear a T-shirt that said “Die Yuppie Scum.” Kenny took a quick glance from the kitchen and said, “No, we’re closed.” After a brief try at appealing the decision, the party left, and the waitress pulled the security gate partway down to discourage other latecomers.”

“‘It’s only eight o’clock,’ I said to Kenny.”

“‘They were nothing but strangers,’ he said.”

“‘I think those are usually called customers,’ I said. ‘They come here, you give them food, they give you money. It’s known as the restaurant business.’”

“Kenny shrugged. ‘Fuck ‘em,’ he said.”