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Wired magazine ticking up

posted by Jason Kottke   Apr 13, 2002

Jason is right, Wired magazine has been getting better in the past few months. Or at least it’s getting better for me and what I’m interested in. The credit goes to Chris Anderson, the new editor-in-chief. The most recent issues have been filled with great stuff from great writers, and it’s focused & well-designed without going overboard (like the Wired of old sometimes used to do). I’m anxious to see if the redesign continues the improvement.

A disappointment of mine about Wired is their lack of involvement on the Web. Since selling off all their Web properties to Terra Lycos, all they’ve done on the Web is put their back issues up on their Web site (although the entire current issue is online now…I wonder if that’s a new trend?). They don’t need a full-blown effort like HotWired again, but they need to be connecting with the growing population of folks who are creating and living a wired culture on the Web.