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posted by Jason Kottke   Feb 20, 2002

Excerpt from Stagette:

“As we approached Nob Hill, Fratboy One told the cab driver to pull over at an all-night grocery. He and Fratboy Three ran out of the cab to buy some beer. The cabbie turned around to talk to me.

‘Those boys crazy. You seem like nice Asian boy, not like them. You are Filipino?’


‘I have many Filipino friends,” said the cabbie, who was Chinese. “They all musicians, like you. But that not your real job?’

‘No, I’m a computer programmer.’

‘That nice job, even in hard time like now,” he said, nodding. “You friend with these crazy gwei lo?’

‘No, I met them tonight.’ ‘Duuuuuuude!’ Fratboy One yelled, coming from the store holding a 24-pack of Sam Adams over his head. ‘Let’s roll!’

‘And gwei lo say we can’t hold liquor,’ muttered the cabbie.”

What a great story.