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Waiting in line

Any time I go to the Metreon, people are queued up to buy movie tickets. From the length of the line, I would assume that people spend 10-15 minutes in this line, waiting to buy tickets from the cashiers. I wonder why none of them realize that a mere five feet away from them are 3 automatic ticket dispensing machines with no waiting (and four more upstairs by the theatre with no waiting). Theories: 1. People are stupid; 2. Poor design: machines look like ATMs, not like ticket dispensing machines; 3. People distrust the machines; 4. People want to use the cashiers instead of the machines so that the cashiers aren’t downsized and replaced with more machines; 5. Unfamiliar person-to-person interactions are preferable to unfamiliar person-to-machine interactions because they are easier to troubleshoot; 6. People don’t like using credit cards for small purchases (via jk); 7. People prefer to pay cash (via fk).