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Now I’m getting spam about

posted by Jason Kottke   Dec 31, 2001

Now I’m getting spam about spam protection services:

Dear Email user,

Your email address jason@kottke.org was harvested by a SPAM robot. It got your address from the webpage http://www.kottke.org

For mor information about SPAM Robots and how you can protect yourself, Click Here

Champ Mitchell
Anti-Spam Services

Jackasses. The funny bit is that the spam protection they are offering (for $8.95, no less) is just a bit of JavaScript that garbles email addresses so they cannot be harvested. Here’s the same thing for free:

<script language=”JavaScript”>
document.write(‘<a href=”mailto:’ + ‘name@’ + ‘youremail.com’ + ‘”>’ + ‘name@’ + ‘youremail.com’ + ‘</a>’);

Just replace “name” and “youremail.com” with your information and you’re good to go.