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Ginger/IT unveiled, with picture. A

Ginger/IT unveiled, with picture. A more detailed picture from Time Magazine. Version 1.0 is going to be a little disappointing (as are many first versions of products), but once they can improve the technology, 2.0 should kick ass (2.0 should have a top speed of 30-40 miles per hour, I would think, as well as other improvements). Everyone I’ve heard from seems really dissappointed, but I’m quite optimistic about Ginger.

Amazon has not updated their Ginger page yet (but they let me add it to my wishlist).

I just watched the demonstration of the Segway HT (nee Ginger) on Good Morning America and I *so* want one.

In related news, look for misspellings of the word “segue” to skyrocket.