The January 2002 issue

posted by Jason Kottke Dec 21, 2001

The January 2002 issue of Yahoo! Internet Life dubs weblogs "[the] Trend of the Year" for 2001. And later in the same issue, guess what they pick as the best weblog to watch in 2002?

Oh, you got it, baby. That's all me...kottke.org sitting upon the top of the weblog world, looking down upon everyone else. There's what, 200,000 weblogs out there, and I'm all alone at the top. Me, me, me. 2001 was the Year of the Weblog, kottke.org is the best weblog to watch in 2002, so that practically makes 2002 the Year of Kottke. Are you listening over there in UserNewsScriptingLand? Your silly Awards have no meaning; it's already been decided. Bow down before the might of Kottke!