Web design still continues to

posted by Jason Kottke   Nov 26, 2001

Web design still continues to confound and annoy (and challenge). Given the restraints designers have to deal with (i.e. the wide array of crappy browsers out there), controlling font sizes via stylesheets with pixels seems like the best way to go...except that many users are unable to modify the size of the type when font sizes are specified in pixels. In an ideal world, the designer recommends font styles and sizes for a particular document, and the user can override them if s/he chooses to. The newest browsers are getting there, but we're still far, far away, leaving designers with the hard choice between a) not getting any of the advantages of using stylesheets and b) inconveniencing a small but vocal percentage of their users that want to adjust their font styles/sizes but can't because of their crappy browser (not their fault!). It's a pickle...and I'll be glad when it all just works.