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I never never ever never

I never never ever never thought this day would come, not in a million years. So many bad memories, wasted hours, and pain. So here goes:

I want an Apple computer.

There. I said it. I want an Apple computer. With a combination of design (both product and software UI), cost-consciousness, and a solid OS (with Unix!) that finally lives up to what NeXT was teasing us with many years ago, Apple has me drooling over a Titanium running OS X.1 (I’d settle for an iBook…I’m not that picky).

But here’s the thing: I already have a computer, a nice computer, a good computer, a computer I just paid a hefty sum of money for. After careful evaluation of my personal economy, it’s evident that the purchase of an extra computer is just not reasonable at this time.

So, I’ve come up with an idea. In exchange for an iBook with 256MB of RAM & an AirPort card (and perhaps some software), I’ll put up a “sponsored by…” banner at the top of every page on (tastefully done and placed, of course). This isn’t a new idea: K10k got some hardware and software from Adobe in exchange for a sponsorship link…so I figure, why can’t I? is a highly trafficked site, read both by highly impressionable youth and experienced industry wags alike (both good target demographics), and appears somewhat regularly in the press.

Adobe, Apple, Macromedia, etc., I know you’re out there looking for some alternative advertising options….email me and let’s talk.