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The learning process continues. Having

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 30, 2001

The learning process continues. Having mastered Linux well enough to boot my machine up and erase all the data on it, I’m muddling around with XML and Perl. Because both Perl and XML are so flexible, it’s hard to get a handle on exactly how to approach the problem. Do I write my own parser? If not, which of the dozens of Perl modules should I be using to manipulate my XML files. Why does there seem to be so little information out there on Perl and XML (the PerlXML site seems to have been down for more than 2 years now)? Is XSL templating far enough along that I can use it effectively? Should I really be messing around with this stuff when I don’t even know my way around regular expressions yet? So many questions and so much reading to do.

Ah, screw all that. It’s so nice out today, I’m going to head down to the park to read. Perl and XML can wait for a foggy day.