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The following is a snippet

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 07, 2001

The following is a snippet from a new short story that Greg Knauss is writing entitled “Bees!!!: Linking Behavior on the World Wide Web” (excerpted with permission from the author, links and italics mine):

[Polite applause.]

“Hello, America! I’m Greg Knauss—”

[Wild applause, much throwing of panties.]

“—and welcome to another episode of ‘Make Dave Link’! Our contestants

today are Jason Kottke and whoever he made a drunken wager with. Hello,


“Hello, Greg.”

“And hello Jason’s unsavory drinking companion!”

“Fuck off.”

“You all know the rules. You name the minimum number of Dave Winer bugaboos

that you think you can get him to link to you with. If he links, you win

the round. If he doesn’t, your opponent gets the point. Everybody ready?

Let’s play… ‘Make Dave Link’!

“You first, Jason!”

“I can make Dave link with four references.”

“Unsavory drinking companion?”

“I said ‘Fuck off.’”

“Your number of references, UDC?”

“Eh. Three. And fuck off.”


“I can make Dave link with two references!”

“Unsavory dr—”

”_Fuck_ off.”

“OK! Jason: Make… Dave… Link!”

[And he did.]