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Paul Nixon is collecting information

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 13, 2001

Paul Nixon is collecting information graphics related to the bombings to help people visually understand what happened. This one by Time and this one by ABCNews, both showing the flight plans of the planes, are particularly helpful.

A good starter guide to Arabs and Arab Americans. It’s simplistic and doesn’t dig too deep, but tries to dispell several stereotypes that Americans tend to have about those of Middle Eastern decent. A good platform for further research.

I wonder if The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson episode of The Simpsons will still be as funny as it used to be.

I’m very apprehensive about what the US response will be to the bombings, given that responses made in haste, without thinking, under duress, and with much nationalistic/religious/morally-righteous fervor are not always the best responses. After being stung by a hornet, you might want to go smack the nest with a big stick, but all that gets you is more hornet stings. Whatever we do, I sincerely hope we do not cause more innocent civilians to be killed unnecessarily as this grossly irresponsible “journalist” has suggested we do.

Some of the very best coverage of the WTC disaster is on the World New York site. Top shelf stuff, as good as any of the professional TV and newspaper coverage.