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My entry yesterday about old

My entry yesterday about old writing prompted a few people to post some of their old (and often bad….their words, not mine!) writing online:

- Thomas @
- on freewill vs determinism by Paul from PsuedoFamous
- Tom’s confessional diary of his teenage years
- Michael from SignalStation
- Mena @ (and Prismacolor Madness)
- John’s Freshman English Journal
- Julie’s diary from 1994/95
- Meg recounts her late teenage journals
- Derek’s blast from the past

There’s some truly bad stuff in there, but nothing quite as bad as a bread spread-based meaning of life, although Mena deserves a special mention for the opening line of Prismacolor Madness:

“It was a Technicolor nightmare and she was her own Ted Turner, responsible for the unnecessary destruction of a once sparkling white wall.”

Thanks to Michael for sending along an article by Malcolm Gladwell tangentially related to my concentration/relaxation thoughts from yesterday: The Art of Failure.