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Oxford, the quaintest town I ever saw

As much as I liked London (I wanted to move there after spending only three days there), Oxford pretty much blew it away. I want to say something poetic here about history and nature coming together to create something special, but I’m not sufficiently inspired right now. Perhaps the photos I took while in Oxford can convey some of that feeling:

- A pair of Oxford street scenes: scene one, scene two. Except for the yellow lines and the blacktop pavement, one might imagine that someone standing where I was standing saw much the same thing several hundred years ago.

- A walking path inbetween two buildings. I love the combination of the lush green of the trees & shrubs and the old browns of the buildings and paths.

- Another view of the same path. I’ve rarely felt as serene and thoughtful as I did walking along this path. I wanted to walk there forever.

- An Oxford meadow on a hazy day. It looks pretty much like what I thought a typical English meadow would look like.

- The exterior of Christ Church.

- A wall with two S characters on it.