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In my list of favorite

In my list of favorite films from 1999**, I wrote a small paragraph about how I was looking forward to watching the future exploits of that year’s upcoming directors and writers: “Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Three Kings), Alexander Payne (Election, Citizen Ruth), Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson (Rushmore, Bottle Rocket), Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, Boogie Nights), and Brad Bird (Iron Giant)”.

Adaptation from Spike Jonze, The Royal Tenenbaums from Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson, P.T. Anderson’s code-named Project x4 (featuring Adam Sandler of all people), Alexander Payne’s About Schmidt, and Brad Bird’s Untitled Brad Bird Pixar Project are all set to be released in the next couple years.

(Also coming up is Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit feature-length movie. Park’s Aardman Animation is also set to release Tortoise Vs. Hare, rumored to be a mockumentary about Aesop’s Tortoise and the Hare fable. Note: Word comes from several readers that production of Tortoise vs. Hare has been delayed, maybe for a long while.)

** Looking back on the list, I was so so wrong about Fight Club. It should have been included with the other great movies on the favorites list.