First batch of photos from London

posted by Jason Kottke   Jul 18, 2001

I finally got all the photos I took in the UK sorted out. I'll be posting them in fits & starts over the next few days. Here's the first batch.

The first thing I did in London, besides checking into my hotel and grabbing a much-needed shower, was meet up with some UK Web folk. I was so tired from the trip, that about the only thing I remember is this neat trick they showed me. If you fold a £10 note just so, grafting the upper half of Charles Darwin's head onto the bottom half of Queen Elizabeth's head, you end up with John McEnroe.

yes, i'd like to speak to the queen, please.The next day was comprised mostly of the Net Media conference, although I did get away for a bit to take in the sights: the gardens in front of Buckingham Palace, a queue of conjoined London double-deckers, an English phone booth (located near the Westminster tube stop), and the statue of St. Paul (shot #2) at St. Paul's Cathedral (the handiwork of Christopher Wren was all about London, everywhere I went).