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While wandering around in the

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 03, 2001

While wandering around in the park today looking for a good place to read, I caught the back half of a doubleheader, two teams from an amateur Sunday baseball league of a semi-serious nature - players wore uniforms, there was an umpire, and the teams had coaches. As the game started, I found myself rooting for the team seated closest to where I was sitting.

the other team at bat

Two innings into the game, it was apparent that my team wasn’t up to the task. The starting pitcher was wearing sweatpants. The first baseman, citing personal reasons, departed after the first inning, leaving his team with only eight players and facilitating a need for his coach - who, before the game, was telling his players about his experiences as an Asian child living in WWII-era America (making him about 55 years old) - to take over his position. Another player left after the second inning, and they pulled some guy out of the crowd to replace him. The other team seemed more athletic and serious, with more elaborate celebrational routines and a roster large enough for substitutions.

And then there was the matter of the four runs their opponents tallied in the first inning.

Despite all that, my team appeared to be having more fun than the other team. After all, it was a nice day, they were out getting some exercise, and they had accepted their fate in the game, which had already been largely decided at that point. The other team seemed too caught up in the game to be having fun. I actually kinda felt sorry for them and clapped for my guys when Mr. Sweatpants struck out the final batter in the top of the third.